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Tips For FLAWLESS SUMMER Eyelashes!


Tips For Flawless Summer Eyelash Extensions!

Summer is here and you are living your best life! Swimming, sunshine, exercise, late nights and early mornings! You're thriving but that may not be the case for your eyelash extensions. You might be scratching your head wondering why they just aren't lasting like they used to. It's important that you take extra care during this season as the environment isn't so loving toward your lashes. The answer isn't black and white and it might even take a little investigative work to get done to the bottom of it but here are some things to look out for and tips to get the most out of your lashes this summer season!

  1. SUNSCREEN: Sunscreen and moisturizers are top of the list for retention killers! Protect that skin but make sure the sunscreen you choose is oil free. There are many formulas out there, our favourite is a mineral powder formula. Not only is it the most loving and safe choice for your skin, it can also provide some light coverage. Colorescience enviroscreen is one of our favourites, however there are many others available that will do the trick! For moisturizers: OIL FREE, OIL FREE, OIL FREE!

  2. SWIMMING:UNPOPULAR OPINION- Eyelash Extensions can be wet immediately after application. This is because the adhesive undergoes a curing process which takes place the moment it is exposed to air (it uses moisture from the air to do this). Once the adhesive has solidified and dried, it has cured. It isn't exposure to water that kills retention so much as it is oils from the skin and salt + oils + chemicals in the water itself. Salt will dry in your extensions once the water has evaporated; this will cause fans to close, lashes to stick together, and slowly compromise the bonds. The best way to care for your lashed after swimming is to cleanse them immediately after with a foaming lash cleanser + brush, pat dry, and brush. Avoid rubbing your eyes while you're swimming as this movement can pull your extensions out.

  3. AVOID EXTREME HEAT: Be cautious around fires, BBQs, and lighters. Whether at home or while camping. Extreme heat can melt and singe the lashes or cause them to lose their curl.

  4. SWEATING: Like any oil, the oil in our skin that is produced while we sweat can break down adhesive bonds. Sweat is bound to happen in the summer so it's unreasonable to ask you not to sweat. Our solution to this? Cleanse your lashes more frequently. 2x per day is enough for most!

  5. CLEANSING YOUR LASHES : We recommend cleansing your lashes twice a day at minimum during summer months; morning and evening. If you are swimming and sweating excessively or have watery eyes, we recommend cleansing after these activities as well. Clean lashes are happy lashes!

Note: You should be cleansing your eyelash extensions with a cleanser that is formulated for eyelash extensions. These products should be gentle on the eyes and remove sebum, oils, and debris easily. You use a lash bath cleanser along with a fluffy brush for a detailed clean of the eye area and lash line.

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