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COVID-19: Your Pro Guide on How to Remove Eyelash Extensions

If you're familiar with eyelash extensions, you know that getting them involves attaching dark synthetic fibres to your natural lashes to achieve a more full look. They last up to six weeks and look friggin' amazing! No mascara, effortless, 'I woke up like this' amazing!

There is one thing you should never do though- Remove them yourself.

So, can you remove them at home?

DIY-ing your own lash extension removal poses some huge unwanted risks. Most of the pros strongly advise against it. Given that we are all in this COVID-19 limbo mode of stay-at-home, it is (sorry to say) best to let your lashes shed naturally. If you do an at home removal, you'll likely pull out some of your natural lashes which is not only painful but also potentially damaging. There really isn't an over the counter oil based product available that is effective in removing eyelash extensions. Attempting to remove your eyelash extensions with olive or coconut oil may loosen some of the bonds but what is more likely is that you will inadvertently pull out some of your natural lashes prematurely which could lead to bald patches which may never grow back.

You're probably thinking, okay, 'so if I can't remove them with oil, what if I trim them?'

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT trim your lashes!

What is the best way to remove eyelash extensions?

Easy. Go to the pros. A professional will use an adhesive solvent to soften the bonds of the adhesive so those extensions will just slide right off. This process takes 10-20 minutes and is pain free. Of course, this is assuming that the extensions were applied properly in the first place. The removal process of improperly applied extensions can be difficult and take up to an hour. This is why it is extremely important to do your research and choose a reputable salon that cares about your natural lash and eye health. Cream and gel removers are what you want to see your technician using. Liquid removers can get into and irritate the eye more easily. Using tweezers to manually remove the eyelash extensions is also not recommended as it can cause mechanical damage to the natural lash.

Our best advice to you? Allow your extensions to shed out naturally. You could accelerate the process by applying mascara and allowing the oil in your makeup to make contact with the bonds which might loosen them over time. We do, however, advise that you practice proper cleansing of the lash line for general health and hygiene reasons.

To keep those lashes healthy post removal, we recommend a lash serum/conditioner. This is a good option for keeping the lash line healthy and full. These serums often increase the length of the natural lashes as well which can lighten the burden of being lashes during this pandemic. After removal, your lashes SHOULD look the same as they did prior to. If they don't, a conditioner is a great way to get them back to normal. And remember, when it comes to removing your lashes, DIY = DI-Don't!

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